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Itchy Dog? Seasonal Allergies Could be the Culprit!

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Seasonal Allergies affect many dogs with similar symptoms that humans experience. Dry puffy itchy eyes, red irritated paw pads, dry flaky patches on their skin, ear infections, as well as dry coughs and wheezing. The causes can be from pollen outdoors, grasses and weeds, mold spurs, the list is endless. Like humans, dogs bodies change over the years. Just because they didn’t have an allergy when they were younger it doesn’t mean that they cannot develop allergies at any time.

If you notice symptoms that your dog never had before, the first step should be to consult with your veterinarian to determine that the cause is an allergy, what exactly is the culprit, and then the best course of action to help your pet get relief from their symptoms.

Sometimes simple things can help. After being outdoors try wiping your pets paws with a wash cloth using mild soap and water or purchasing hypo-allergenic paw wipes from your favorite pet store. This will remove pollen picked up on your dogs paw pads by walking on the ground outdoors before they scratch their bodies, ears, faces, etc… and spread the culprit to other areas that may start itching from exposure to the allergy causing substance. Little remedies like this can help prevent a bigger problem from developing. Excessive scratching can cause red sore areas, hair thinning and loss, and many other ailments. If your doggy loves to roll in the grass then frequent baths will help!

Coconut Oil used sparingly as a topical cream can do wonders to provide relief to itchy areas and is completely safe. Only to be used externally on the dog and Never inside the eyes or nose. Coconut oil heals many skin irritations quickly and is natural and mild.

Like humans dogs can have different allergies at different times of the year. Depending where you live the causes can be endless. So next time your furry family member is scratching like crazy or seems to have cold like symptoms consider having them checked for allergies.

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